Vössing – independence and competence

Since its founding by Qualified Engineer Hans Vössing, a small engineering agency has become one of the leading nationally and internationally active German engineering companies in the field of infrastructure.

This success is not a coincidence.

Development, values, principles


We look back upon the immense development of the company, but also upon comparable development of applied engineering. We have not only adapted to the developments, but also driven them forward, participated in important projects and thus set standards and benchmarks. We will continue to seek out challenges in the future.
Behind these developments are people, acting together and working according to the same principles.


As well as commitment to quality and adherence to the law, our applied values include an obligation to mutual respect and the exclusion of any form of discrimination. Clear specifications for compliance and their continual monitoring also ensure reliable implementation of corresponding customer specifications.


In dealings between management and all employees, we regard ourselves as committed to the principles of cooperation, transparency and reliability. In the interests of cooperation, for the benefit of our customers and contractual partners.